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Why Alegayter?
We are dedicated to designing and building precision sails to get you sailing FASTER.
Our sailmakers are sailors themselves and are experts in their field, making sure every sail is of the highest standard.
Our sails are computer designed and plotted & cut on an XY-axis plotter which ensures precise dimensions and shape.
  • Internal velcro batten ends enabling even alignment with leech of sail, to stop snagging on the backstay
  • Customised luff attachment to suit the mast
  • Loose footed sail for better sail trimming and control
  • Loose webbed slugs below reefs allow sail to come away from mast when there is no load on luff, this prevents tearing out lower slugs when reefs are put in
  • Double-sided tape used on all seams and sewn with triple-stitch zig-zag
  • Rutgerson press stainless steel rings
  • Mylar laminates with varying fibres such as carbon fibre or kevlar 
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