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Downwind Sails
Symmetrical Spinnaker Measurement Form
Symmetrical or Asymmetrical?
Alegayter symmetrical spinnakers are ideal for the weekend sailor or serious racer.
Asymmetrical spinnakers - also known as Gennaker or MPS, is a spinnaker with a luff that is longer than the leech, which means you don't need a spinnaker pole.
Asymmetrical spinnakers are more commonly preferred for cruising boats as they are easier to use and when combined with a spinnaker sock, it can be used in single or short-handed conditions.
Code Zero
This is the smallest asymmetrical spinnaker allowed by the IMS rule. This is a high performance sail built out of high modulus materials.
  • Webbed stainless steel rings in corners to allow for easy attachment
  • Contender nylons and silicone coated nylon to prevent water absorption
  • Double sided tape is used on all seams and sewn with triple-stitch zig-zag
  • Cross-radial or tri-radial panel layout
  • Sail graphics (optional extra)
  • Our sails are computer designed, plotted and cut on an XY-axis plotter
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Asymmetrical Spinnaker Measurement Form
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